Year 3 - Fitzwilliam Museum

On Tuesday 26 September, Year 3 visited the Fitzwilliam Museum as part of our topic 'Land of the Pharoahs'.  We started the session by looking at an enormous sarcophagus lid, which we found out belonged to Rameses III.  The lady that showed us around was amazed with our knowledge of Ancient Egypt.  In groups we were given little objects to find around the museum to identify what they were and which God they linked to.  We then learnt all about how the Egyptians were turned into Mummies and looked at the only real Mummy in the whole museum, we were amazed how small it was.  We then looked at the beautifully painted wooden coffin featuring all of the Gods.  Finally, we used the iPads in groups to take pictures of our favourite artefacts.  We had a wonderful day learning facts about Ancient Egypt.

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