Year 6 - Castleton Trip

As part of our first topic this year, Year 6 set off on an eagerly anticipated residential trip to the Peak District, where they spent three action-packed days enjoying the benefits of learning outside the classroom and experiencing the fun of spending time with their classmates, away from home.

The hills and caverns of the Peak District are in stark contrast with the flatness of the Fens and the children certainly made good use of their wellies, walking boots and waterproof clothing.  Quite a lot of the mud from Derbyshire accompanied us back to Park Farm!  During our stay, we completed the 'Three Rocks Walk' around Castleton; ventured underground to see the stalactites and stalagmites of Treak Cliff Cavern and marvelled at the incredible sight of Blue John, a unique Derbyshire mineral.  We climbed a hill to visit Peveril Castle, enjoying the extensive views of the surrounding area.  We also completed a river study back on lower ground and, through roleplay, explored the views of local residents.  We even managed to squeeze in a few games back at the hostel!

The children certainly had many highlights to talk about when they returned home and we hope they will treasure happy memories of their time in Derbyshire.

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