Year 4 - Roman Day

On Monday 16th September, the Year 4 classroom was invaded!  We met a Roman soldier from the XX Legion.

At the beginning of the day, we learnt about the daily life of a Roman soldier.  We took a closer look at what a Roman soldier wore and the importance of each item.  Although the chainmail vest was very heavy and uncomfortable, it really could save your life!  After break we looked at some Roman artefacts, the brooch was one of our favourite items.  We also enjoyed examining the bits of pottery as we had only seen images before.

After lunch we discussed the Roman Empire in more detail and discovered which countries the Romans invaded and why.  To end the session, we went into the hall, where we were divided into two groups and prepared for battle!  Each group practised their shield formation before the final battle scene, where the Britons, showing support for Boudicca, hurled their javelins at their opponents.

We all had a fun day and learnt many new and interesting facts.

To see more photos of our day, click here