Year 2 - Whipsnade Zoo

On Tuesday 13th March, Year 2 visited Whipsnade Zoo as part of our topic, ‘Animals from Africa and the Polar regions’.  We had all been very enthusiastic about our topic in Geography lessons beforehand and we were excited to see the animals we had been learning about in real life.

We began our day by walking past the European animals on our way to see the penguins.  As we arrived at the penguin enclosure, it was feeding time and the penguins were making an awful lot of noise!  The two types of penguins we saw were Rockhopper penguins and African black-footed penguins.

Afterwards, we made our way to the African animals.  One of the first animals we saw was the White Rhino and Year 2 were all surprised by how big it was.  Then we walked towards the giraffes, which we were all very excited to see since we had been reading the book Zeraffa Giraffa in our English lessons.  When we reached the giraffes, one of them was leaning over the fence eating leaves from a tree just like Zeraffa had done in the story.

After we had eaten lunch, we saw the hippos, cheetahs and lions.  The lions were all asleep and it was then that we realised that they sleep for 21 hours of the day! Next we saw the zebras who were all inside eating their hay.

We had reached the end of the African animals and began to walk towards the Asian animals.  On our way to the elephants we were able to see the tigers.  When we arrived at the elephants, we saw a baby elephant splashing in his pool of water and playing with his toy.

Year 2 all had a lovely day seeing all of their favourite animals.