Year 3 - Ferry Meadows Summer Term

On Tuesday 5 June 2018, Year 3 headed back to Ferry Meadows for a busy morning continuing from our Spring visit learning all about plants.

The morning started in the Discovery Den with Anna and Tony, our new Ferry Meadows teachers for the day. We had a quick warm up with a reminder of the lifecycle and what a plant needs to grow.

After this, we headed back into the park to the Woodland area. We were reminded of the environmental conditions that we had found back in the Spring term and we collected the same data from the same spot for the Summer conditions. We found out there is less light in the woodland area than before because there were a lot more leaves on the trees all competing for light. We went on a hunt to find big leaves and Anna found the biggest leaf of all! We also collected and compared data from the meadow. There were still small leaves growing here and a lot of light.

While we were in the meadow, we also hunted for different seeds. We found seeds all around the meadow and learnt that plants use many different methods to disperse their seeds. We called these ‘tasty treats ’ (when the birds eat the berries and the seed doesn’t get digested!), ‘flight’ (when a plant uses leaves to help it fly away from the parent), ‘shakers’ (when the plant shakes the seeds away) and ‘clingers’ (when the seed clings to an animal). We had a go at pretending to walk a dog (a piece of fur on a string) through the meadow to see how many seeds we could collect on our dog. We had a lot of fun walking these and some of us even named them!

Our last activity was pretending to be squirrels. We had to hide dog biscuit treats that we pretended were our nuts. We all had different shaped biscuits. After we had hidden them, we had a snack, then completed one of the above activities and came back to look for them. There were 10 biscuits per group hidden and not one group could find all 10 again. We learnt that this is another way seeds disperse their seeds by using animals to hide and spread them. There are going to be some very happy dogs out there when they find our biscuits that we hid so well!

We thoroughly enjoyed our trip to Ferry Meadows and have learnt so much out about plants and how the different seasons play a major part in their growth.

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