Year 3 - Flag Fen

On Monday 11 June 2018, Year 3 visited Flag Fen as part of our topic ‘Prehistoric Britain'. We started the session day by looking at a range of artefacts and deciding which period in history that they came from. We had to pretend to be archaeologists and give reasons for our thoughts. There was an ‘odd one out’ that we had to find.

After this, we carried out a prehistoric craft activity where we made a replica Bronze Age pot. We used natural materials that would have been around during the Bronze Age period, such as sticks to decorate our pots.

We enjoyed a picnic lunch in the sunshine and then we went on a tour of Flag Fen itself. We looked at the recent discoveries found at Must Farm in Whittlesey and were amazed by the 3000 year old Bronze and Iron Age boats that were being conserved there. We even had a go at sitting in a replica boat. We then went to look at the giant causeway that was constructed to help the Bronze Age people cross the wet land. We learnt lots of facts about this, such as it was built around the same time Tutankhamen reigned Egypt, it was 1km long and took approximately 2 million timbers to build over 400 years!

We then went to see a reconstructed Bronze Age roundhouse and learnt about how people lived. We were lucky to go inside and cosy up, watching the crackling fire while listening to a traditional prehistoric story.

We had lots of fun on our trip today and learnt many amazing facts. We are lucky to have this reconstructed Bronze Age landscape, believed to be the only accurate pastoral landscape in Europe, on our doorstep!

To see more photos of our trip, click here