Year 6 - Evacuation Experience

As part of our topic, Year 6 recently became World War II evacuees for the day! They looked absolutely brilliant and very realistic in their evacuee costumes as we boarded a train at the Nene Valley Railway Station. From that moment on, each child assumed the role of an actual evacuee from London who stayed in Stibbington during the Second World War. Miss Smith, the ‘billeting officer’ from the Stibbington Centre, met the children and held a quick inspection of them, to see who looked healthy and clean.

Walking to the Stibbington Centre from the train station, the children looked at the homes where they were to stay and thought about how the countryside changed during the war. The children enjoyed a selection of sandwiches, including spam, apples and cake for lunch; a wartime quiz and playtime outside with a variety of wartime toys, such as stilts and hoops. The centre even has an Anderson shelter the children could sit in to experience how it must have felt during an air raid. During the afternoon, the children participated in lessons in a World War II classroom, including listening to a recording of the then 14 year old Princess Elizabeth’s message to evacuees in October 1940.

The children were taught how to put a gas mask on quickly and an afternoon lesson was abandoned halfway through as there were enemy planes flying overhead! The ‘All Clear’ came before too long and the children waited for their hosts to come and collect them. A few of the children seemed to be quite relieved that the school coach was waiting outside the centre for them at half past two!

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