Year 5 - National Space Centre

On Wednesday 7th March, Year 5 visited the National Space Centre in Leicester as part of our topic 'Earth and Space'.

We began the day by visiting the Challenger Learning Centre where we were given a mission to build and then launch a probe to rendezvous with an unknown object.  Once the children were briefed by their Mission Commanders, the class was split into Mission Controllers and Astronauts.  The children were thoroughly engaged in the variety of problem solving tasks they had to face and enjoyed taking on the different roles onboard the spacecraft.  The morning concluded with the children discovering a comet which they aptly named 'Heritage'.

After getting a glimpse of The Princess Royal, who was also visiting the Space Centre, we gathered in the Sir Patrick Moore Planetarium ready to experience a rocket launch from inside the body of an astronaut.  We learned what it is like to go into Space, exploring the worlds of inner and outer space as well as the International Space Station.

Before heading back to school, we explored the rest of the Space Centre, climbing all 164 steps up to the Rocket Tower!

To see more photos of our visit, click here