Year 3 - Ferry Meadows

On Tuesday 6 March 2018, Year 3 headed to Ferry Meadows for a busy morning learning all about plants as part of our science topic.

The morning started in the Discovery Den with Vicky and Sophie, our Ferry Meadows teachers for the day, who explained our activities. They first asked us to work in groups to sort the life cycle of a plant and then we had to list things that a plant would need in order to help it grow.

After this, we headed into the park to the Woodland area. We were taught how to collect data on environmental conditions. This will help us to identify how effective the habitats are for growing plants, and we will compare the Spring and Summer data. We were shown how to use a quadrant and how to measure light using a Lux meter. Then we had to hunt for the largest leaf we could find. We found out that there was not a lot of light in the woodland and therefore the trees here produced larger leaves in order to take in as much light as possible. The groundcover was mainly mud.

Once we had completed our data in the woodland, we headed to the meadow. We found out that the meadow leaves were a lot smaller because there was so much light and therefore less competition for growing plants. There was also more groundcover on the meadow with lots of grass.

After a quick warm up and a snack back in the den, we headed out into the park to investigate the pollination process. The children pretended to be bees or flowers and looked at how pollination works by running around collecting and depositing pollen.

On the walk back to the den, we looked for examples of different flowers found growing in Ferry Meadows. At this time of year, we realised that mainly white and yellow coloured flowers grew. Did you know that a bee sees a white flower as purple?

We are looking forward to returning to Ferry Meadows in the Summer term and comparing our data to see how different the seasons and habitats are for plants.

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