Reception - We found a double decker bus!

The Reception class have answered a plea for help from Mr Stanford, a bus driver from Stagecoach, who, unfortunately, had lost his brand new double-decker bus! Luckily, the children were able to quickly spot it in our school carpark! The children all got on the bus and went straight to the top deck to learn about all of the different jobs people do at Stagecoach, from several members of staff who had all come to visit: Celena the bus driver, Adam the bus controller (he wakes up the buses and puts them to bed); Jake the engineering manager; Jonathon the engineer; Melanie the operations manager and Martin the assistant manager! The children enthusiastically found out all about the enormous bus. They each sat in the driver’s seat, selected a destination of their choice, pressed the buttons on the ticket machine and tooted the horn! The children agreed it was great fun!  If you wish to see more photos click here