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Year 4 Science

States of Matter – Chemistry

Investigating the properties of liquids

Year 4 carried out an investigation today to help Kevin, a hotdog stall owner.  We tested three types of ketchup to see which was the runniest.  We then tested the taste of each ketchup to see which was the tastiest.

To test this we squirted each ketchup at a giant hotdog.  Ketchup C was so runny it got on the blinds!  Ketchup B ran down to the ground but ketchup A stayed on the hotdog.

Volunteers tasted each ketchup, it was decided that ketchup A tasted best.

We think Kevin should pick ketchup A.  This ketchup is the most expensive though, so if Kevin cannot afford this he could pick ketchup B, which was our second choice.

Please click here to see more photos from the experiment.