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Rutland Watersports Centre - Year 4

This term Year 4 visited Rutland Watersports Centre. The children had a very enjoyable time and were asked to write a recount of their day. You will find some of their recounts below.

Year 4 student

On Thursday 6th June, Year 4 went to Rutland Water.  We kayaked and did raft building.

Me and my group got our wetsuits and helmets on.  We got pushed onto the water and started paddling.  I saw a fish jump up.  We paddled to a beach where we made our rafts.  Miss Robbins helped us splash everyone!

We got 4 barrels, 4 ropes and 4 planks of wood to work with.  We finished constructing our rafts and set sail.  We aimed for the orange buoy and then turned around and splashed everyone else.  Then we jumped in and pulled our rafts into shore to return to our kayaks and paddle back.

Back at the base, we got a surprise, we were invited to jump off the pontoon!  I ran up and… jumped into the water.

This was the most fun day ever!

Year 4 student

On Thursday 6th June 2024 my class, Year 4, went to Rutland Water for our last school trip to go kayaking.  Some of the best teachers came along like: Mrs Edenbrow, Mrs Barker, Ms Lewin and Ms Robbins.

When we got off the coach our instructor, Pete, told us what our activities were for the day.  We got our wet shoes and swimwear, and we all got a wetsuit.  Getting into it was a nightmare! We had to put on a life jacket and a helmet for safety.

We were told to get into groups of four and each group took control of a kayak.  We had to follow Pete out into the lake but my group was turning the wrong way and needed to be rescued by another boat!

We made it to the shore to start raft building with barrels, rope and wood.  We pushed the finished rafts into the water and the rest of my group got on – but not me!  When I got on, one of my team fell off!  We helped her back onto the raft and paddled away.  In the deeper water I accidentally fell in and swallowed some water that had duck poo in!  Yuck!

Back at the shed, Peter said he had a surprise for us.  It was to jump off the pontoon and swim all the way back to shore.  When it was my turn I ran and jumped off.  It was very scary but I overcame my fear.

This was the best school trip EVER!

Please click here to see more photos of the day.